Well it probably isn’t art in the traditional sense. To me every ‘piece’ represents either an image, a memory of something, an idea or in some cases just an interpretation of some form of significant event.


In the beginning (early 60’s) I was very influenced by the Russian and American Space programs, the pictures gave a real meaning to the phrase ‘out of this world’ and much of my early efforts were based on space travel and later just long distance air and space travel and the views they gave of our earth.  It is important to remember that in the early days there really weren’t any pictures of space as there are today, much of my early space efforts were imagination, not reproductions as they later became.


As my business career started I was fortunate to find myself involved in Leading Edge Technologies and then Management at the ripe old age of 25. Today, most people are barely out of college. I was managing ever increasingly sized service organizations and when exposed to the American business model, like all immigrants, I had to prove I could cut it.


By the late 1960’s my English Telecommunications and Engineering background was being immersed in the American business processes. However if there is one thing you learn in Engineering, it is that design, maintenance and practical functionality are base requirements if you are to create something useful and successful.  I am not sure Business Program/Process professionals understand this philosophy, because they are not trained in the same way.


Some of my early works were attempts to create images using non standard materials to portray some of these basic philosophies while considering both the design and maintenance possibilities the materials provided.


What I have decided to do now is describe the concepts and ideas behind each of my pieces, at least those that ‘make the cut’. One of the most amusing bi-products of my art is listening to the interpretations of others on what they saw in the pictures they were viewing. I guess interpretation is in the eye of the beholder and that is part of the fun. People saw animals, religious figures, pornography and goodness knows what else and it was because of these discussions and opinions that early in the process I decided not to disclose my ‘original concepts’, over time I have mellowed on that.


Another point to remember is that for every ‘finished’ piece there are probably several that were discarded because the interpretation or concept didn’t make for an interesting visual. Some of you may feel, that some of those that did make the cut, fit that category.


So here we are approaching the new millennium and I have decided to talk a little about the concepts behind the pieces. The past years have given me little time to get back to one of my great loves. The last meaningful creative work I did were the dollhouses and that was way back in the late 70’s.


So maybe it is time to explain them individually, especially as I intend, in the near future to start again. After 50 years of Management, Technology and BS you have to believe there are many more productive things I can try to do with my time………….


I have also added photographs of the pieces, so this is the only place where they are all shown.  It would be impossible to bring them altogether; they are now spread all over the world.


I hope it is a worthwhile endeavor!


October, 1999


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